Commercial & Residential Outdoor Services

Serving Mayville, Portland, Hillsboro, Hatton, Golden Lake, Finley and surrounding areas!

Lawn Care

We provide high quality lawn care services for both residential and commercial customers in Traill and Steele counties of North Dakota. Mayville, Portland, Hillsboro, Hatton, Golden Lake, Finley and surrounding areas.

Seasonal Cleanup

Fall leaves, no problem!  In the spring, cleaning up leaves and dethatching will get your lawn primed to be healthy and green.

gutter cleaning

One of the most overlooked parts of homeownership, gutters and downspouts should be checked and cleaned a few times per year to maintain proper drainage.

irrigation services

With lawn irrigation, fall winterization is a key to a well maintained system.  Call us for fall winterization, spring start-up and any time you have an issue with your turf irrigation system.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

We have fertilizer and weed control plans for all sizes of yards and turf.  Organic options are available.

exterior cleaning

Softwashing and pressurewashing for sidewalks, siding etc. using the right agent to gently clean most surfaces.

tree & shrub trimming

Overgrown or in the wrong place, ask us to trim down or remove trees, bushes and shrubs.

Snow Removal

Snow removal for driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. We only use snowblowers, so no big piles obscuring your driveway. Followed up with shovels and ice melt if needed, you’ll have a clean driveway or walkway all winter long!

Your Property Is in Good Hands

We only use commercial grade equipment and suppliers.